Spinning is a term that is widely used to describe long, intense and fun sessions of indoor cycling classes held in gyms and health clubs around the world. The term ‘Spinning’ was coined and patented by Mad Dogg Athletics, a company started by two legendary cyclists who were initially just looking for a way to train indoors on bad weather days.


A Brief History of Spin

The whole idea and concept of ‘Spinning’ was born out of the brain of the founder, Johnny Goldberg. Johnny was already a decorated cyclist before he completed the long and arduous biking journey of 544 miles to Arizona without stopping. What enabled him to complete this incredible athletic feat was his very own indoor cycling training program that he formulated and practised in his garage.  After his success, he decided to take his training protocol to the market and start a series of indoor cycling workout sessions where he would coach his students in a choreographed manner while incorporating the use of heart rate monitors and certain breathing techniques that he would use while cycling.


The classes went so well that Goldberg figured that he should partner with his long time friend and fellow cyclist, John Baudhuin to design an improved indoor cycling bike with better ergonomics and design for his classes. The Duo designed an incredible prototype that they were happy with and commissioned the creation of 150 such more bikes that they placed in various gyms and studios. The reception was nothing short of fantastic and so they decided to not only licence the manufacturing of their bikes to Schwinn Cycling but also found a new Start-up a company under the name of Mad Dogg Athletics. So, in 1994, which was perhaps the biggest year in history for indoor cycling, Mad Dogg Athletics became the official cycling company responsible for developing the indoor cycling training concept called ‘Spinning’.

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In the years to come, the company also started an instructor certification and training program to train cyclists and other health professional who wanted to coach the programs. Apart from this, they also ventured into the home space with a specially designed series of Indoor cycling DVD’s with instructional and calorie burning workouts for people at home.

Spinning and Spin Classes

Spin classes are designed to deliver intense, calorie burning workouts. Classes are usually held in gyms, fitness studios or health clubs. The size of the class can vary and include a large or small group of people cycling together under the instruction of a Spinning professional and coach. Sessions range between shorter 30 min classes to longer and more intense 75 min classes.


Music is also an integral part of the Spinning experience, as is the loud and pumped voice of the instructor yelling out instructions to his cyclists to make important transitions in the workout. The entire spinning experience is designed to motivate and push the individual to get the maximum out of each workout.

People of all ages and fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate. While no is pushed into doing over exertion that might cause injury, they are encouraged to amp slowly up their intensity levels and join the tempo of the group. Participants can burn anywhere between 400 to 800 calories in a single session depending on their level of fitness and the intensity at which they train.