The Rowing machine has been at the heart of rigorous training protocols throughout the greater part of the 21st century. Although it disappeared from main stream fitness for sometime, it has been hugely instrumental in training elite rowers as well as athletes across various other sports including sprinting, marathon running, weight lifting and more. Recently it has gained a lot of popularity in fitness circles and especially in gyms and health clubs across the world. Its resurgence is mainly because fitness professionals have started paying a lot more attention to the quick results that the rower promises even to the novice athletes.

Rowing machine

It became widely evident to most professionals that the ERG (aka ergometer) or the indoor rower promises several health benefits to beginners as well as many overweight and even obese people. Today, you can find a rowing machine in almost every gym or health club alongside the parade of other cardio machines including treadmills, cross trainers, and ellipticals. However, the rowing machine is superior to these other cardio machines in more ways than one.

Strength and Endurance

While the treadmill and elliptical provide a certain degree of cardiovascular training, the rowing machine goes beyond just cardio to offer a combination of strength and endurance training. Rowing requires engaging several muscle groups while also providing a phenomenal cardiovascular workout at the same time.

Full Body Workouts

Rowing is a full body exercise. Unlike, running or using the elliptical, when your row, you engage muscles in your legs, core, back, chest, shoulders and even your arms. Pretty incredible right! So you don’t have to worry about exercising different parts of your body separately. You get your cardio as well as you strength training all packed into one.

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Soft on the Joints

Running on the treadmill has been proven to cause various knee injuries. Indoor cycling also puts a lot of stress on the back, and the elliptical too has its fair share of issues. The indoor rower, on the other hand, is perfectly easy on the joints and the body. This is why literally anyone can use it, regardless of age or fitness level.

High Calorie Burn

A single session of training on the workout can burn anywhere between 300- 600 calories. All it takes is 30 mins at a decently hard intensity level, three times a week and you can comfortably achieve the target of losing 1-2 pounds a week. If you’re more committed and have more time, you could easily lose 10 -12 lbs in a month.

Burns Belly Fat

foods that burn belly-fat

Belly fat is usually the most stubborn fat to lose, whether you’re a man or a woman. However, for men in specific, it is the last place that fat remains to be burned. For women, it is usually the thighs and the butt that are the most stubborn fatty areas to burn. There couldn’t be a more effective tool that the rower to help lose that stubborn belly fat. The best workouts that promise the best results include interval training as well as HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) that helps to burn the most belly fat.


The indoor rower is without a doubt the most effective tool for losing weight and burning stubborn bell fat. All it takes a 20-30 mins of your time about 3-4 times a week and you will have the physique that you desire.