Spinning has gained a lot of momentum around the world. Today, you can find a spin class in almost every gym, fitness studio or health club in the country as well as in most places around the world. As a concept, spinning first came into in 1994, when the Johnny Dodgers who is the pioneer of spin started a Mad Dogg Athletics with his partner John John Baudhuin. Together they designed the first every spin bike which was caught in fitness circuits like wild fire.  Unlike other indoor cycles, the spin bike was fundamentally designed as a speed bike for indoor training when weather got bad outdoors. The spin bike has its own special and unique design and ergonomics that creates the proper bio-mechanical framework for cyclists looking to engage in Spinning.

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Features to Consider

1) Overall Design

The spin bike is essentially designed for speed and resistance training. Unlike the recumbent bike or upright cycle, the Spinner Bike uses a well-tested geometry for the frame to keep the rider in the most conducive position to maintain proper spinning posture. There is nothing fancy or shinny about these bikes. They are designed for pure function over fashion. Every aspect of these bikes, from the flywheel to the handlebars, the seat and even the foot straps is designed to provide the best riding experience and comfort for the rider.

2) The Flywheel

Most spin or Spinner bikes use a weighted flywheel in front. The flywheel is an extremely important aspect of the design, since it simulates the forward motion of spinning that is found while riding a real bike on the road. The weight of the flywheel also plays an important role in dictating the smoothness of the riding stroke as well as the cadence of the cyclist. Heavier fly wheels spin for longer as well as provide solidarity to the bike. As a general rule, you should ensure that your bike has a flywheel of at least 40 lbs to enjoy a smooth and sturdy biking experience.

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3) The Handlebars

Ergonomically handlebars play an important role in providing multiple hand and grip positions required to maintain good riding posture. You should look for a cycle that offers handlebars that move up and down as well as forward and backward. This helps in bringing a good variety to the workout.

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4) The Seat

The seat is more important than you might have anticipated.  It is a good idea to have a seat that changes out and can be replaced with another if the need arises. You should also consider a seat cushion or pad in the event that your seat is unchangeable.

5) Software Options and Accessories

Computer offer workout statistics that can inspire you to push harder in your workouts. What is essential on the other hand is a water bottle holder. You will need water during your workout and having it handy can be a huge boon and help you go that extra km.