The single greatest thing that I love about Crossfit is that it extends beyond the gym into everyday life. Crossfit is primarily built around the principles of adaptability, change, function and high intensity. All the movements and exercises that one performs under the umbrella of Crossfit directly apply to living individual life. Crossfit in my opinion essentially about getting more involved with your body, mind and through the community with all the different people that walk into the gym to train.  Anyone can train Crossfit regardless of age, sex or fitness level. It is an all-inclusive activity that brings people together and inspires them to live healthier, more engaged lives.


In Idaho, we believe in building a community of Crossfitters (for the lack of a better word) that can help to inspire each other to change the way we think for the better and support each other through our problems inside and outside of the gym.

We focus on functional movements over linear and isolated muscle building movements because we understand that the human body wasn’t engineered to move in isolation. It was designed to move as an integrated whole where all the different major and minor muscles work together to create and transfer energy and deliver force. Simple movements like lifting furniture of the floor engage the entire posterior chain ( calves, hams, glutes, back and core) as well as the upper body muscles, including those of the arms, chest, shoulders and neck. So by practising movements such as the dead lift, squat, power clean and snatch, we become more adept and capable of moving and lifting weight.

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Another principle that we emphasize over and over again as well as encourage here in Idaho is to vary constantly the kinds of movements and exercises that we engage in daily. We do this so that we can allow our bodies to grow and work in different ways towards achieving the goals of flexibility as well as strength. By constantly engaging in different movements we force our bodies to learn to adapt and utilise different muscles to build a physique that is flexible, strong and ultimately capable of finding strength and balance in any physical and metal activity.

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We hold movement and mobility classes every week so that we can train people to learn different movements that will help them in the gym as well as in life. Our movement and mobility coaches focus on individuals and groups to help them understand the problems in their bodies and how to overcome them. Movement and mobility have a huge impact on posture as well as mental attitude. Good posture encourages good form, which translates into a better exercise that ultimately helps us feel better in our bodies and our minds.

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Here at Idaho, we add a new WOD (workout of the day) each day. We try never to repeat the same WOD so that our athletes can constantly train in different movements. However, we do repeat them weekly so that our athletes can test themselves to see whether they have made any improvements. We do encourage high-intensity training, but we never force or coerce our newer athletes into exercising at higher levels without the prerequisite mobility practice and training time.  When you join any one or our gym here in Idaho, you’re not just joining another gym, but a family of people who will support and encourage you to achieve your best.