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The spirit of Idaho Crossfit

The single greatest thing that I love about Crossfit is that it extends beyond the gym into everyday life. Crossfit is primarily built around the principles of adaptability, change, function and high intensity. All the movements and exercises that one performs under the umbrella of Crossfit directly apply to living individual life. Crossfit in my opinion essentially about getting more involved with your body, mind and through the community with all the different people that walk into the gym to train.  Anyone can train Crossfit regardless of age, sex or fitness level. It is an all-inclusive activity that brings people together and inspires them to live healthier, more engaged lives.


In Idaho, we believe in building a community of Crossfitters (for the lack of a better word) that can help to inspire each other to change the way we think for the better and support each other through our problems inside and outside of the gym.

We focus on functional movements over linear and isolated muscle building movements because we understand that the human body wasn’t engineered to move in isolation. It was designed to move as an integrated whole where all the different major and minor muscles work together to create and transfer energy and deliver force. Simple movements like lifting furniture of the floor engage the entire posterior chain ( calves, hams, glutes, back and core) as well as the upper body muscles, including those of the arms, chest, shoulders and neck. So by practising movements such as the dead lift, squat, power clean and snatch, we become more adept and capable of moving and lifting weight.

Crossfit 2

Another principle that we emphasize over and over again as well as encourage here in Idaho is to vary constantly the kinds of movements and exercises that we engage in daily. We do this so that we can allow our bodies to grow and work in different ways towards achieving the goals of flexibility as well as strength. By constantly engaging in different movements we force our bodies to learn to adapt and utilise different muscles to build a physique that is flexible, strong and ultimately capable of finding strength and balance in any physical and metal activity.

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We hold movement and mobility classes every week so that we can train people to learn different movements that will help them in the gym as well as in life. Our movement and mobility coaches focus on individuals and groups to help them understand the problems in their bodies and how to overcome them. Movement and mobility have a huge impact on posture as well as mental attitude. Good posture encourages good form, which translates into a better exercise that ultimately helps us feel better in our bodies and our minds.

Crossfit 3

Here at Idaho, we add a new WOD (workout of the day) each day. We try never to repeat the same WOD so that our athletes can constantly train in different movements. However, we do repeat them weekly so that our athletes can test themselves to see whether they have made any improvements. We do encourage high-intensity training, but we never force or coerce our newer athletes into exercising at higher levels without the prerequisite mobility practice and training time.  When you join any one or our gym here in Idaho, you’re not just joining another gym, but a family of people who will support and encourage you to achieve your best.

Spin Bike Features to Consider

Spinning has gained a lot of momentum around the world. Today, you can find a spin class in almost every gym, fitness studio or health club in the country as well as in most places around the world. As a concept, spinning first came into in 1994, when the Johnny Dodgers who is the pioneer of spin started a Mad Dogg Athletics with his partner John John Baudhuin. Together they designed the first every spin bike which was caught in fitness circuits like wild fire.  Unlike other indoor cycles, the spin bike was fundamentally designed as a speed bike for indoor training when weather got bad outdoors. The spin bike has its own special and unique design and ergonomics that creates the proper bio-mechanical framework for cyclists looking to engage in Spinning.

Spinning (1)

Features to Consider

1) Overall Design

The spin bike is essentially designed for speed and resistance training. Unlike the recumbent bike or upright cycle, the Spinner Bike uses a well-tested geometry for the frame to keep the rider in the most conducive position to maintain proper spinning posture. There is nothing fancy or shinny about these bikes. They are designed for pure function over fashion. Every aspect of these bikes, from the flywheel to the handlebars, the seat and even the foot straps is designed to provide the best riding experience and comfort for the rider.

2) The Flywheel

Most spin or Spinner bikes use a weighted flywheel in front. The flywheel is an extremely important aspect of the design, since it simulates the forward motion of spinning that is found while riding a real bike on the road. The weight of the flywheel also plays an important role in dictating the smoothness of the riding stroke as well as the cadence of the cyclist. Heavier fly wheels spin for longer as well as provide solidarity to the bike. As a general rule, you should ensure that your bike has a flywheel of at least 40 lbs to enjoy a smooth and sturdy biking experience.

Fly Wheel

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3) The Handlebars

Ergonomically handlebars play an important role in providing multiple hand and grip positions required to maintain good riding posture. You should look for a cycle that offers handlebars that move up and down as well as forward and backward. This helps in bringing a good variety to the workout.

spinning (2)

4) The Seat

The seat is more important than you might have anticipated.  It is a good idea to have a seat that changes out and can be replaced with another if the need arises. You should also consider a seat cushion or pad in the event that your seat is unchangeable.

5) Software Options and Accessories

Computer offer workout statistics that can inspire you to push harder in your workouts. What is essential on the other hand is a water bottle holder. You will need water during your workout and having it handy can be a huge boon and help you go that extra km.

What is Spin ?

Spinning is a term that is widely used to describe long, intense and fun sessions of indoor cycling classes held in gyms and health clubs around the world. The term ‘Spinning’ was coined and patented by Mad Dogg Athletics, a company started by two legendary cyclists who were initially just looking for a way to train indoors on bad weather days.


A Brief History of Spin

The whole idea and concept of ‘Spinning’ was born out of the brain of the founder, Johnny Goldberg. Johnny was already a decorated cyclist before he completed the long and arduous biking journey of 544 miles to Arizona without stopping. What enabled him to complete this incredible athletic feat was his very own indoor cycling training program that he formulated and practised in his garage.  After his success, he decided to take his training protocol to the market and start a series of indoor cycling workout sessions where he would coach his students in a choreographed manner while incorporating the use of heart rate monitors and certain breathing techniques that he would use while cycling.


The classes went so well that Goldberg figured that he should partner with his long time friend and fellow cyclist, John Baudhuin to design an improved indoor cycling bike with better ergonomics and design for his classes. The Duo designed an incredible prototype that they were happy with and commissioned the creation of 150 such more bikes that they placed in various gyms and studios. The reception was nothing short of fantastic and so they decided to not only licence the manufacturing of their bikes to Schwinn Cycling but also found a new Start-up a company under the name of Mad Dogg Athletics. So, in 1994, which was perhaps the biggest year in history for indoor cycling, Mad Dogg Athletics became the official cycling company responsible for developing the indoor cycling training concept called ‘Spinning’.

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In the years to come, the company also started an instructor certification and training program to train cyclists and other health professional who wanted to coach the programs. Apart from this, they also ventured into the home space with a specially designed series of Indoor cycling DVD’s with instructional and calorie burning workouts for people at home.

Spinning and Spin Classes

Spin classes are designed to deliver intense, calorie burning workouts. Classes are usually held in gyms, fitness studios or health clubs. The size of the class can vary and include a large or small group of people cycling together under the instruction of a Spinning professional and coach. Sessions range between shorter 30 min classes to longer and more intense 75 min classes.


Music is also an integral part of the Spinning experience, as is the loud and pumped voice of the instructor yelling out instructions to his cyclists to make important transitions in the workout. The entire spinning experience is designed to motivate and push the individual to get the maximum out of each workout.

People of all ages and fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate. While no is pushed into doing over exertion that might cause injury, they are encouraged to amp slowly up their intensity levels and join the tempo of the group. Participants can burn anywhere between 400 to 800 calories in a single session depending on their level of fitness and the intensity at which they train.

Transform your Garage into an Awesome Home Gym

Turning your Garage or basement into your very own Home gym is easier and more beneficial than you might think.

Just think about it for a minute. A home gym can be the perfect solution to missing workouts and failed resolutions. Let’s face it, most of the time, it’s not that we don’t want to work out or go to the gym, it’s just that we can’t bring ourselves to change and get in the car and drive all the way to the gym only to find that it is crowded or close to closing. And even when we do make all the effort to get to the gym, the blaring music and white noise in the form of conversations and people hogging various machines including the rack can sap us of all our energy and leave us feeling unmotivated and wanting to skip our workouts. A home gym not only helps to circumvent all those problems, but it also doesn’t leave us any room to make excuses to skip a day’s workout or feel lazy for that matter.

Private gym in luxury home

Okay, now you might be thinking it’s going to be too expensive, so let’s just forget it and continue with the gym. Well, contrary to what you might be thinking, building a home gym is much cheaper in the long run as opposed to continuously dolling out gym fee after gym fee. Once you incur that one-time expensive of a couple 100 bucks, you’ll have it for life as well as no good reason to skip a workout or feel lazy.

Transform Your Garage

1) Clean and Junk: For starters, clean out your entire garage space and junk anything you don’t need. You’re going to need all the wall space and floor space you can manage, if you’re you hope to build an awesome and comprehensive home gym.

2) The layout: You can chalk this out yourself, but from experience it’s always better to hire a professional who will do it for you. You need decide before hand what you’re training goals are before you approach a professional and start laying stuff out. Decide whether, your goal is weight training, power lifting, core strength, body weight exercise or any combination of all. Once you know for sure, it’ll be much easier to plan and map out your garage space.

contemporary-home-gym (1)

3) Storage: Space saving cabinets or racks are the way to go. They can be built into the walls or fitted neatly into corners. They help to keep all you stuff, including your workout gear and equipment neatly organized, but more importantly they keep your floor clean and uncluttered so that you’re tripping around during your workouts. The rack system is great for a heavy punching bag or speed bag to slide onto as well.

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4) Equipment Ideas: It is always a great idea to include a few home gym classics into your arsenal. A Power Rack built with plate storage, monkey bars, racks for dumbbells and a weight bench. If you want to go really crazy, you can even build a climbing wall, suspend a set of gymnastic rings and even hang a rope from the ceiling. There’s all the room to add whatever equipment you want and still keep your garage working like garage.

5) Parking Space: Keep in mind that you still have to park your car in the garage, so keep the crazy to a minimum and listen to the professionals you’ve hired.

contemporary-home-gym (2)


A home gym can make that crucial difference between you keeping your resolutions and developing strong exercise habits and failing to ever maintain consistency. Granted it make time some planning, doing and an expense, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll be that much closer to achieving all your workout goals.

Trim belly fat fast with the Rowing machine

The Rowing machine has been at the heart of rigorous training protocols throughout the greater part of the 21st century. Although it disappeared from main stream fitness for sometime, it has been hugely instrumental in training elite rowers as well as athletes across various other sports including sprinting, marathon running, weight lifting and more. Recently it has gained a lot of popularity in fitness circles and especially in gyms and health clubs across the world. Its resurgence is mainly because fitness professionals have started paying a lot more attention to the quick results that the rower promises even to the novice athletes.

Rowing machine

It became widely evident to most professionals that the ERG (aka ergometer) or the indoor rower promises several health benefits to beginners as well as many overweight and even obese people. Today, you can find a rowing machine in almost every gym or health club alongside the parade of other cardio machines including treadmills, cross trainers, and ellipticals. However, the rowing machine is superior to these other cardio machines in more ways than one.

Strength and Endurance

While the treadmill and elliptical provide a certain degree of cardiovascular training, the rowing machine goes beyond just cardio to offer a combination of strength and endurance training. Rowing requires engaging several muscle groups while also providing a phenomenal cardiovascular workout at the same time.

Full Body Workouts

Rowing is a full body exercise. Unlike, running or using the elliptical, when your row, you engage muscles in your legs, core, back, chest, shoulders and even your arms. Pretty incredible right! So you don’t have to worry about exercising different parts of your body separately. You get your cardio as well as you strength training all packed into one.

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Soft on the Joints

Running on the treadmill has been proven to cause various knee injuries. Indoor cycling also puts a lot of stress on the back, and the elliptical too has its fair share of issues. The indoor rower, on the other hand, is perfectly easy on the joints and the body. This is why literally anyone can use it, regardless of age or fitness level.

High Calorie Burn

A single session of training on the workout can burn anywhere between 300- 600 calories. All it takes is 30 mins at a decently hard intensity level, three times a week and you can comfortably achieve the target of losing 1-2 pounds a week. If you’re more committed and have more time, you could easily lose 10 -12 lbs in a month.

Burns Belly Fat

foods that burn belly-fat

Belly fat is usually the most stubborn fat to lose, whether you’re a man or a woman. However, for men in specific, it is the last place that fat remains to be burned. For women, it is usually the thighs and the butt that are the most stubborn fatty areas to burn. There couldn’t be a more effective tool that the rower to help lose that stubborn belly fat. The best workouts that promise the best results include interval training as well as HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) that helps to burn the most belly fat.


The indoor rower is without a doubt the most effective tool for losing weight and burning stubborn bell fat. All it takes a 20-30 mins of your time about 3-4 times a week and you will have the physique that you desire.

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