Hey, guys. It’s good to meet you. My name is Melissa, I live in Idaho with a beautiful family of 3. Although it’s been only three years since our marriage, we already have two beautiful little kids; a boy and a girl. While it may seem a little quick to most people, both me and wife are college sweethearts and knew what we wanted all along. The only thing stopping us from having kids sooner was our finances, which for the most part is on track. With some help from our families and previous jobs, I have recently realised by long time dream of owning a Crossfit gym and coaching people of all ages and backgrounds to stay fit and live healthily.

I played Football in high school and college, but my love for Crossfit only really sparked in college. Although the football drills were hard enough, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the linear training that football entails. For the majority of my football career, I played the role of a running back, which if you know anything about football, involves a whole lot of sprinting and explosiveness. While I’m 6’2’’ and weigh in at 220 lbs, most of which is lean muscle, I never really had a problem hauling my big frame to clock under 11 seconds for 100m sprints consecutively. However, I was fascinated to try out new patterns of movement, including work on the gymnastic rings, power lifting, rope climbs, upper body work with butterfly pull-ups and a whole variety of different drills and workouts.

In the over five years, that I have trained and competed in Crossfit competitions, I have become more aware of my body’s ability to move and adapt to different exercises and patterns. Not only have I become stronger physically, but also mentally. However, Crossfit isn’t just about the WODS and competition; it is more importantly about building a community and helping each other reach our goals and work through our problems. That spirit of community and family is what I hope to create in my gym and through my website. I am open to all manner of questions relating to fitness and life goals, so please don’t hesitate to write to me and be certain that I will respond as quickly as I can.